“Kerry is the best HR leader that I’ve ever worked with – she has helped us immensely in terms of her expertise in driving a high performing team, and also as counsel to the CEO. She has huge energy and drive and has her ear to the ground and had her finger on the pulse of the organisation. I can’t recommend her highly enough for coaching individuals and teams in HR departments – truly her domain of expertise shows up in the bottom line.”

Russell Higginbotham
CEO Swiss Re UK Reinsurance Client Markets

“Kerry Baxter has been coaching me for the last year and over that time I have been able to improve my perspectives, performance and results. My self-confidence has developed immeasurably, which has enhanced my ability to build relationships with clients and other professionals, as well as communicate and function to produce better outcomes in my work. This has been an invaluable journey, and I have been able to move my career forward as a result. I look forward to continuing to develop my career with Kerry in the future.”

Rebecca Xenita
Advice Specialist at SFG Australia

“Kerry is one of the most authentic and insightful professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to both know and collaborate with over a ten year period. Kerry was instrumental in creating and driving an extraordinary culture at the organisation which culminated in our developing a level of employee engagement that exceeded all expectations. Kerry’s combination of demonstrating empathy whilst bringing out the best in everyone in terms of performance and self-awareness is a wonderful nugget buried deep in her personality and not seen sufficiently in today’s tough corporate world. I have always held the view that people are at the heart of every successful organisation and Kerry’s ability to identify and nurture talent is particularly special. I cannot speak more highly of her track record and integrity and the value that she can bring to a firm’s culture and people development.”

Neil Sprackling
Managing Director, Swiss Re Life & Health America, November 2014

“So…you’ve made it.You’re CEO.Everyone congratulates you,even some colleagues who were possibly hopefuls themselves.Everyone’s expecting great things.You didn’t get there without plenty of support and mentoring along the way.Now you need that more than ever.Not everything in the garden is rosy.Some tough decisions have to be made.All eyes are on you.If I could give only one piece of advice to someone in this position it would be this.Find yourself a coach,an independent sounding board,someone you can trust to give you honest feedback on your behaviour,ideas and plans.Importantly,find someone who can see what you can’t see.I was fortunate to find Kerry,whose unique insight into leadership skills,creative thinking and business acumen proved invaluable.It made all the difference.”

Hazel Nicholls
CEO Swiss Re Life&Health Australia 2003-2009 Company Director

“I worked for Kerry Baxter,Head of HR for Australia and New Zealand at Swiss Re for 5 years as an HR Consultant.Kerry was an incredibly strong leader/mentor and coach to the HR team and as part of the management team of both the Property&Casualty and Life&Health businesses.Kerry’s influence on the culture of the business through her participation on each management team was palpable,people at Swiss Re still talk about the work she did and the environment she created years after she has left.Her tenacity in questioning everything,presumptions,decisions,created momentum for change and continuous improvement.Kerry’s strong moral compass meant we could all trust she would make decisions that were truly aligned to cultural values,she acted with integrity.She has a winning combination of high intelligence and strong intuition which makes her a great human potential coach and visionary leader.”

Victoria O’Neill
HR Advisor
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